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You can become Operator of the VERTEBRAL HARMONIC ALIGNMENT, according to Claudia Bondi's method, by attending the collective course of the duration of a weekend, or the individual course of two days. It's your choice!!!

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Participants must be able to channel. To be able to channel means to have the 1st and 2nd level of Reiki (of any Reiki school Usui).
It is also necessary to have received our Harmonic Alignment or equivalent treatment from other operators.

Above all it is extremely important to have the desire to give LOVE....; Indeed, it is INDISPENSABLE condition to have the desire to rise to the conscience of "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE"....

It is also essential to have a preliminary contact with us to "feel" if the energetic vibrations are in tune with our own.
These are the ONLY requirements necessary to be able to become operator of the VERTEBRAL HARMONIC ALIGNMENT  according to Claudia Bondi's method.

You can subscribe to the course by sending an email to, or by calling +393298488021 (Claudia)

The course includes several phases:

-We will deepen various topics on the figure of the "spiritual healer"; -we will analyse the different levels of consciousness together;

-We will talk about the importance of humility;

-We will immerse ourselves in different meditations to elevate us to a higher level of consciousness also through a change of the cerebral rhythms;

-We will go into the explanation of the healing message to be channelsed and feel the strong vibration together;

-you will then be sent the activations to become Operator of the HARMONIC ALIGNMENT

-We will talk about how to relate to customers and important topics to be dealt with in the presentation of the method;

-We will see together how to proceed to transmit the harmonic alignment, step by step: from the initial presentation, to the signature of the "release", How to locate the "storture " of the customers and photograph them before and after,..... and gradually until the Conclusion with a final Reiki accompaniment;

-You will be suggested how to make you know, besides of course to advertise in this site to the page "OPERATOR LOCATIONS" and on the Facebook page harmonic alignment vertebral;

-We'll finally practice together!!!

At the end of the course you will be awarded the Certificate of Operator of the VERTEBRAL HARMONIC ALIGNMENT according to Claudia Bondi's method In addition to the Course manual........

Cost of the course

The cost of the course is individual and collective is €680, inclusive of the lunches that we will share together and including the insertion of your name on this site, the page OPERATOR LOCATIONS, which Operator of the "harmonic alignment vertebral" to your area; The site is well advertised on Internet.

If you want, we will be in contact among all of us operators, maybe organizing even half-yearly meetings, during which we will share the experiences, we'll evaluate together tips, advice, we'll confront each other and everything that comes to mind!!!! We will make sure to collaborate and grow together more and more! 

........ and then..... you'll have to let go
To the joy you will experience!!!

Yes, because every time

Before your eyes

The body of the person aligns, you will be invaded by an unspeakable emotion!!!!

You can subscribe to the course by sending an email to, or by calling +393298488021 (Claudia)